Are you in need of an experienced content creator who can capture the perfect shots for your brand?

If so, investing in a brand photographer and social media management package could be the ideal solution. I can create content specifically tailored to represent your brand’s values and message; helping you to build a unique aesthetic. I can make sure that your content reaches the right audience and develop campaigns that spark conversations & engagement with your potential customers.

Girl Eating Ice Cream Cone at Ice Cream Shop
Man working in Beautiful Kitchen at Restaurant
Beautiful Display of Fresh Baked Bread at Bakery

A brand photographer and social media management package combines these two essential elements into one comprehensive offering. It allows you to consolidate all of the tasks associated with digital marketing into one easy-to-manage package.

Monthly Pricing & Packages

The Basic Package:

-Monthly Content Creation Session
-One Platform 

-Up to 2 posts per week 

-Tailored Captions
Customized Hashtags


The Bronze Package:

-Monthly Content Creation Session
-Monthly Strategy Report

-Up to Two Platforms

-Up to 3 posts per week

-Tailored Captions

-Customized Hashtags


The Silver Package:

-Monthly Content Creation Session
-Monthly Strategy Report
Up to Three Platforms
Up to 5 posts per week
Tailored Captions
Customized Hashtags


The Gold Package:

-Monthly Content Creation Session
-Monthly Strategy Report

-Up to Four Platforms
Up to 7 posts per week 

-Tailored Captions
Customized Hashtags

-Social Monitoring & Engagement


10% off any 12 month contract

*All Plans Require 3 Month Minimum Contract*

+ Website Design, Email Marketing, Social Monitoring & IT Services can all be added as a la carte services.


What happens first?

Once the introduction interview is complete, I will then begin creating a customized strategy tailored to your needs. This process involves creating a list of potential topics & content that will engage your customers and followers, coming up with creative campaigns + hashtags, analyzing the current performance of your accounts, and developing goals for future growth.

What is included in the Monthly Content Creation Session?

We will meet up so I can document your product/process. I will use multiple cameras to create both photos & video content that you can use to advertise your business.

During the sessions, I can acquaint myself with you, your staff, and business operations. This not only helps me understand what you do but also provides something tangible at the end of our journey. All photos taken within the duration of an active social media contract will be yours to keep and use.

Can I Build My Own Package?

Sure! Let me know what your needs are & we can build a package that suites you.

+ Website Design, Email Marketing, Social Monitoring, Additional Platforms & IT Services can all be added as a la carte services.

What is included in the Monthly Strategy Report?

I will provide regular updates on progress, performance & engagement metrics, advice and recommendations for further optimization, and suggestions for new concepts/innovative ideas for promoting content and engaging customers.

I will also create a calendar that outlines the timing and type of content to be posted on each platform, allowing you to plan out posts in advance and make sure that posts go live at planned times.

Why require a three month contract?

Consistency is the foundation of social media. Without several months of regular posting, it is challenging to demonstrate true value and organic growth. We can learn which content appeals to your audience during this period as well as which times, days, and frequency generate the most interaction for you. Often, the first three months are used to establish baseline statistics so that longer-term social media outreach strategies can be developed.

What is Social Monitoring & Engagement?

Social monitoring and engagement is actively tracking conversations, mentions, and interactions involving your brand on social media platforms. This involves paying close attention to what people are saying about your brand, and engaging with these people through responding to their comments, answering questions, and interacting with them in a meaningful way.

Do you write the captions?

Yes! I'm experienced in writing engaging captions that generate likes and followers, so I can help you increase engagement on your social media pages.

If you’re ready to take your online presence up a notch, then investing in a brand photographer and social media management package is a great option. You can rest assured that your visuals will be professional, on-brand, and engaging, while also knowing that all of your beautiful content is being shared strategically across multiple platforms.

Let's Get Started!

Submit your contact info so we can connect & discuss your digital marketing needs. Please include any info you'd like me to know and what your marketing goals are. Looking forward to meeting you and scheduling our introduction interview!

Want to make sure we're a good fit?

I am confident that I can help you with your digital marketing goals - but let me prove it to you! I offer a complimentary 30 day trial period. Pick any package and try it out for 30 days before you decide if & which package you would like to sign a three month agreement for. This gives us time to make sure we're a good fit to work together & gives you a better understanding of my process.

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